Three Things Your Realtor Might Not Disclose

Even if your realtor is on your side completely and unequivocally, some realtors aren’t going to disclose everything to you when you are buying a house. They aren’t doing it because they hate you and want to see you miserable; they’re doing it because they want to pay for their own bills and need your commission. Realtors chimed in and offered a few of the secrets they keep from their clients most often. Keep these in mind the next time you decide to buy a new home.

Change in Scenery

A realtor who is looking desperately for a sale is more likely to keep information to herself. For example, if you are sold on a house because of the gorgeous view across the street, she might not mention to you that she just found out a new parking garage is going up in the next 12 months directly across the street. You might want to ask around or look up public property records to ensure that the vacant land, park or wooded area across the street will be there a while.

You Can Negotiate Commission

Come on, now. You didn’t really think that your realtor was going to let you know she can lower her commission if you negotiate, did you? She’s working hard for you and she doesn’t want to lose out on anything in terms of commission.

What You Say is Not Always a Secret

Say you call a realtor listed on that gorgeous house you just saw for sale. He’s not representing you, so when you tell him that you have 30 days to find a house and move out of your current place, he’s not legally obligated to keep that to himself. In fact, he’s going to tell the sellers that they can get away with asking more or counter-offering for more because you told him how much you are in love with this place and how little time you have to move.


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