Three Interior Decorating Tips You Must Have

If only everyone had the same eye as an interior decorator, all home and business interiors would be fabulous and make everyone feel good. Unfortunately, some people just don’t see things in the same light, and it leaves you feeling confused and wondering why it is your house never looks as fabulous as the homes of others. Well, worry no more because from this point forward, your friends and family will wonder if you’ve hired an interior decorator to handle your interior decorating. These three interior decorating tips will transform your house from drab to fab – and not one of them will break the bank.

The Right Paint for your Living Area

You may have a deep love of plum, but unless your biggest pieces of furniture are the same shade of plum as your desired wall color, forget it. Interior decorators recommend you paint your walls the same color as your biggest piece of furniture for a cohesive look that makes spaces look bigger, brighter and fabulous. Tone on tone is a great way to make any space look chic.

Location, Location, Location

Location isn’t just about the neighborhood your home is in or the view you have (though an uninterrupted ocean, lake or city view doesn’t hurt in the least). Your curtains are also all about location. The best interior decorating tip you will ever receive is to hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as you possibly can. It draws the eye up and creates the illusion of more space, even in the smallest of rooms.

White is Right (in the Bathroom)

White may not be the most exciting color choice when it comes to interior decorating, but painting your bathrooms white will have not only your space looking better, but you’ll look better as well. When you use colors other than white in the bathroom, the light reflects off of that color and onto you, which may have you hating your appearance. To look as gorgeous as possible, you and your bathroom depend on white walls.


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