Three Household Items You’re Cleaning the Wrong Way

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, being informed that you’re doing something wrong is not your favorite pastime. Of course, if the criticism is constructive and it makes life easier, it’ll grow on you. However, finding out that you’re doing things wrong around the house can be frustrating. You have a system and it works for you. Finding out that what you’re cleaning isn’t exactly correct is a pain; it’s worse than being wrong. Here are three things you’re cleaning wrong, and it can have a pretty nasty effect on your life.

Your Dishes

I promise you that my husband will never see this article because listening to the, “I told you so,” and “See, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you for 12 years,” thing a week after finding out that baby number three is actually twins might be enough to send me away for a very long time. I view the dishwasher as a challenge; how much can we cram in here before it simply cannot hold one more item? Guess what? That is wrong. I mean, sure, sometimes my dishes aren’t all clean but I leave them in there and wash them again, removing only the ones that look amazing. So anyway, I’m still wrong (I hate that). The dishwasher is not for challenging yourself to do more than yesterday. Apparently it’s for spacing things out fairly and making more overall work for ourselves if we really want clean dishes.

Shower Curtain Liner

Did you know you don’t have to throw it away every few weeks? I did not. You can actually wash it and make it look brand new by simply sticking it in the washing machine on hot and adding some bleach to the mix. It kills mildew and makes everything so fresh and so clean. Then again, for $3 at the supermarket, I’m sure purchasing a new shower curtain liner every few weeks is so much easier than another load of laundry.

Your Windows

Did you know cleaning your windows on a sunny day can cause them to dry too quickly and streak? I had no idea the weather was a pertinent factor in window washing. From now on, wash your windows either at night, early in the morning or on a cold, overcast or rainy day.

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