Things You Never Realized You Could do with a Label Maker


Label makers are by far the most underutilized tool in household happiness there ever was. These are magical little machines that create, well, labels. But not just labels. They create something so much more than just a label. They create simplicity and happiness in a world so typically filled with chaos and clutter. The label maker can make your life simpler, easier, more organized in just a matter of minutes – it can change the world. Well, it can change your world. It’s certainly changed mine. Sure, you can make all the labels for all the files you want, but it’s what you didn’t realize you could do with the label maker that makes your life that much more amazing. We have a few things you probably didn’t realize your label maker could do, and we are sharing them with you because we feel that you could use the sudden realization that life is good.

Teach Kids to Read

Your label maker is an educator. By using this little machine to create labels for bins and boxes and toy chests in your kids’ bedrooms, you can help them learn to recognize words that they might not otherwise be able to read at such an early age. They’ll become familiar with the words because they know what goes in there, and before you know it, they’ll know how to read “Barbie” and “Trucks” and “Books” and your kids will be little baby geniuses.

They Make Party Clean Up Quick

If you’re like my family, you probably have friends with kids over regularly to play, and those friends and their kids want to help clean up before they leave. If you’re like me, this kills you. It’s so much easier to put everything in the right place from right off the floor when they leave than it is to go through the bins and remove the toys that do not belong in there after they’ve “cleaned” for you. With labels, your friends and their kids will be able to help out without making an even bigger mess of things.

Organize Items

I have a 6 and 3-year-old who like to have all the same stuff, but they are horrified arguing over which identical cup/toy/doll is which. They’re EXACTLY the same, but they’re ‘different’ in their eyes. With the label maker, I can put their names on each one without damaging the item (labels remove so easily) and no one has to argue anymore. Scratch that; I’m renaming this section as “Keep Mommy’s Sanity.”

Photo by Timm Schamberger/Getty Images


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