25 Things A Woman Over 50 Should Not Have In Her Home

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As we mature, our homes should too. If you are a woman over 50, it is time to reassess what fills your space. Let us explore 25 items you might not need anymore, making room for a home that reflects the current, fabulous you. Here is what to reconsider or remove from your living space.

Outdated Magazines 

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Let us be real: those stacks of old magazines gathering dust in the corner of your living room? They probably are not doing much except taking up space and making your space look cluttered. Instead, keep a few issues that hold sentimental value or have articles you really care about, and recycle the rest. 

Unworn Clothes from Years Ago

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We all have those pieces in our wardrobe that we swear we will wear ‘someday.’ However, if those clothes have not seen the light of day in over a year, it might be time to let them go. Styles change, and more importantly, our bodies and comfort levels do, too. Donate these items to someone who might need them.

Tacky Souvenirs 

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While souvenirs from trips are meant to be cherished memories, some can be tacky or no longer relevant to your decor style. If a souvenir is not something you truly love to display, it does not need to take up space in your home. Consider keeping only those that have genuine sentimental value or fit into your living environment.

Old Makeup and Skincare Products

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Makeup and skincare products have expiration dates for a reason. Using old products can be harsh on your skin and may lead to irritations or infections. Take an afternoon to go through your beauty products. Toss anything that is past its prime and make space for new products that are safer and perhaps better suited to your skin.

Excess Kitchen Gadgets

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Over the years, it is easy to accumulate an array of kitchen gadgets that promise to make cooking a breeze. However, if you have not used that avocado slicer or egg separator in the last year, chances are you do not need it. By decluttering these gadgets, you can free up kitchen space for the tools you use regularly.

Dated Decorative Items

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Those decorative pieces that were all the rage 20 years ago might not exactly fit the current style trends or your evolved tastes. Maybe it is those heavy, dark drapes or that ornate figurine collection. It is okay to acknowledge that your style has changed. Refreshing your decor can be liberating and can give your home a more modern feel.

Unused Exercise Equipment

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Remember that treadmill that now serves as a clothes rack? Unused exercise equipment takes up a lot of space and can be a constant reminder of unmet fitness goals, which is not helpful. Consider selling or donating these items. Instead, focus on forms of exercise you truly enjoy, whether it is yoga, swimming, or long walks.

DIY Projects

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We all have them: those craft projects we started with enthusiasm but turned out to be less than stellar. These can clutter your space and mind. It is okay to let go of these projects and the guilt associated with not finishing them. Clearing them out can make room for new hobbies.

Mismatched Linens

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Over time, we accumulate a collection of bed linens and towels that are faded, threadbare, or no longer match your current style. Refreshing these essentials can not only improve the look of your home but also enhance your comfort and enjoyment. Rather, invest in sets of good-quality linens that coordinate with your current decor.

Books You Will Never Read Again

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It is great to have a library of books, but if your shelves are overflowing with novels you will never revisit or books that no longer interest you, it might be time to pare down. Donating books to a library or second-hand bookstore can free up space and also allow others to enjoy them. 

Old Electronics

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From outdated cell phones to old DVD players and bulky old desktop computers, outdated electronics can take up unnecessary space. Often, they are not just physically in the way but also a mental reminder of tasks (“I need to get rid of that someday…”) Recycle them responsibly or see if local schools or charities could use them.

Cheap Jewelry That Turns

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We all have pieces of jewelry that have lost their shine or turned our skin green. Instead of letting these items clutter your jewelry box, clear them out. Invest in a few pieces of good quality that will not degrade over time. Not only will this declutter your space, but you will also have more space for jewelry that you use.

Plastic Kitchenware

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Those plastic bowls, plates, and cups can accumulate quickly, especially if they are leftovers from sets you used when the kids were younger. Upgrading to higher-quality glass or ceramic can elevate your daily meals and get rid of any BPA-containing plastics, which are better off out of your kitchen.

Gifts You Never Liked

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We all receive well-intentioned gifts that are not quite our style. Whether it is a vase, a piece of artwork, or a gadget, if it does not bring you joy or utility, give yourself permission to pass it along. Donating these items can help them find a home where they will be appreciated and clear your space in return.

Old Paint Cans

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Holding onto old paint “just in case” for touch-ups might seem practical, but often, these cans just sit in the garage or basement, gathering dust. If the paint is more than a couple of years old, it might not even be good anymore. Take them to a recycling center and free up that storage space for something you actually need.

Excessive Candles and Scented Products

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It is easy to accumulate a collection of candles, air fresheners, and other scented products. While they can create a cozy atmosphere, having too many can clutter up your space and overwhelm the senses. Choose a few favorite scents to keep and enjoy, and donate or gift the rest. 

Out-of-Style Handbags

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Fashion changes, and perhaps so has your need for those bulky handbags or once-trendy clutches that now feel outdated. Assess which bags you actually use and cherish, and consider donating the rest. This can streamline your storage and update your style, making your accessories collection as functional and stylish as you are now.

Unused Craft Supplies

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Many of us pick up hobbies with great enthusiasm, which can lead to accumulating lots of specific materials, like yarn, scrapbooking supplies, or beads. If you have not touched them in years, it might be time to pass them on to someone who will use them. This can free up a lot of space.

Multiple Unused Vases

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If you have collected a variety of vases over the years from gifts and flower arrangements but only use a couple of favorites, consider narrowing down your collection. Keep a few versatile pieces that you love, and donate the rest. This will declutter your storage areas and keep your favorites easily accessible.

Old Spices

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Spices lose their potency and flavor over time. Go through your spice rack and check the dates. If they have been there for more than a year or two, they probably do not add much to your cooking. Refreshing your spice collection not only makes cooking more enjoyable but also ensures your dishes are as flavorful as possible.

Mismatched Dinnerware

Those chipped plates and mismatched cups that have survived countless moves might hold sentimental value but can make your cupboard look disheveled. Consider upgrading to a set that matches your current taste and lifestyle. It is a simple change that can make everyday meals feel a bit more special.

Old Bedding

Bedding that has seen better days can detract from your comfort and the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Invest in new, quality bedding that makes you feel like you are sleeping in a luxury hotel every night. It is not just about looks; good bedding can significantly improve your sleep quality.

Expired Medications

Keeping old or expired medications can be more than just clutter; it can be dangerous. Safely dispose of any medications that are past their expiration date or that you no longer need. Most pharmacies have take-back programs that will help you dispose of them responsibly.

Worn-out Shoes

Shoes that are worn out, out of style, or just plain uncomfortable can take up valuable closet space. Clear out the pairs that no longer serve you to make room for shoes that fit well, look great, and feel comfortable. Your feet (and your closet) will thank you.

Excessive Decorative Pillows

While decorative pillows can add style and comfort to a room, too many can feel overwhelming and clutter up your space. Keep a few that match your decor and enhance comfort, and consider donating the rest. This will make your seating areas more functional and inviting, allowing you to fully enjoy and utilize your living spaces.


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