Steer Clear of These 15 Kitchen Decor Fails


While decorating your kitchen, it’s easy to fall into the trap of following fleeting trends or stuffing the space with too much “personality.” A successful design balances functionality and aesthetics to create a welcoming cooking, eating, and gathering space. Avoid these decor choices that can unintentionally make your kitchen feel cluttered, outdated, or tacky.

Outmoded Linoleum Flooring

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Durable and cost-effective, linoleum flooring may suggest a past era unless selected with discernment. Modern alternatives or classic choices like tile, hardwood, or stone can offer flair and longevity, significantly boosting your cooking area’s unified appearance.

Barn Door Overuse

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Sliding barn doors contribute rustic charm, but using them excessively can detract from their appeal, especially in settings other than farmhouses. Reserve this trend for spaces that complement the general theme, ensuring it enhances rather than distracts from your kitchen’s style.

Tile Overload on Countertops

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Tiled countertops present a unique layout but can become a chore to maintain due to grout lines, which often seem out of fashion. For an upgraded surface, consider seamless and contemporary options such as quartz, granite, or marble, which merge beauty with practicality.

Mismatched Appliance Colors


Uniformity in appliance aesthetics brings a kitchen together, while mismatched colors can create visual discord. Select appliances with the same hue or finish for a sleek, cohesive look. This unity contributes significantly to your culinary space’s overall elegance and flow.

Overdoing Open Shelving

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Open shelving can turn messy if not curated well, with too much on display. Strategically use open shelves to showcase your most attractive dishes or glassware, and pair them with closed cabinets to hide less appealing necessities.

Too Many Decorative Themes

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A kitchen drowning in thematic decor (like roosters or sunflowers) can feel overdone and tacky. Embrace a subtler approach by selecting a singular theme or motif to enrich the space and ensure tasteful harmony.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

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Carpeting in a kitchen is impractical and can be a style misstep. Instead, choose durable and easy-to-clean flooring options similar to tile, hardwood, or laminate, which can handle spills and traffic while adding to the cookroom’s overall charm.

Plastic Storage Containers on Display


Visible plastic containers can diminish your kitchen’s magnificence. Store these items in cupboards or invest in higher-quality storage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as glass jars or ceramic canisters.

Skimping on Backsplash Height

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A too-short backsplash can look stingy and fail to protect your walls adequately. Extending your backsplash to the upper cabinets or ceiling offers better protection from splashes and spills while creating a striking visual impact that can serve as a focal point.

Overuse of Kitschy Accessories

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Adorning your kitchen with too many kitschy accessories can quickly turn it from charming to cluttered. Select a few standout pieces that reflect your personality and integrate them subtly into your decor for a touch of whimsy that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Outdated Cabinet Hardware

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Old, worn-out cabinet knobs and pulls can age your cookroom. Refreshing these with contemporary designs can instantly modernize the zone. Consider glossy, metallic finishes or bold, statement pieces to infuse your cupboards with elegance.

Incongruous Laundry Appliances

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Integrating a washer and dryer into your kitchen may detract from its culinary ambiance, making it seem less inviting. If spatial restrictions require inclusion, conceal them behind cabinetry or in a designated closet to maintain your place’s aesthetic integrity.

Excessive Decorative Molding

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Crown molding and other embellishments, although capable of adding character, might appear oppressive and archaic in a kitchen when used excessively. Opt for more straightforward, cleaner lines or use molding judiciously to accentuate rather than overwhelm your space, keeping the focus on the comprehensive design.

Artificial Produce Displays

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Displaying faux fruits and vegetables might be a simple styling choice, but it is tacky and dated. Opt for fresh produce or more realistic, high-quality artificial alternatives, or consider other ornamental items that add warmth to your kitchen.

Over-the-Top Light Fixtures

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Gaudy chandeliers or overly ornate light fixtures can overpower the kitchen’s interiors. Instead, choose lighting that complements its scheme. Sleek, simple designs or classic pendants can illuminate your cooking area beautifully without dominating the scene.


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