Some Great Resources To Use When Starting Primitive Decorating

Primitive decorating is taking the country by storm.  It is easy to see why.  Primitive decorating makes you feel very comfortable and at home.  Nothing is perfect with primitive decorating and sometimes, the more banged up the piece the better it is to the owner.  Therefore, you can really relax in a primitive decorating atmosphere.

If this type of decorating appeals to you but you don’t know where to start, use these great resources to help get you pointed in the right direction.

Country Sampler Magazine has long been a resource people turn to learn about primitive decorating.  You can lose yourself in one of these magazines for hours and find pleasure just in looking.  The great thing about this magazine is that not only is it delicious to look at but has tons of advertisements telling you where you can get the products seen in the magazine.  This is the number one guide I follow in using primitive decorating for my own house.

Another magazine I look to for inspiration is A Primitive Place.  This magazine is solely primitive and gives you lots of ideas on how to incorporate antiques you may find or other things you already have into your decor.  If you don’t want to subscribe to these magazines, they both have a website where you can glean tons of ideas.

I also have some favorite shopping websites.  Piper Classics and The Country Porch top the list for me.  Both of them have websites so you can shop from wherever you are at.  No access to the local store is necessary.

You can get lots of great ideas on primitive decorating from the internet.  Google it and look at the images that are found for inspiration.  Many items that fit into primitive decor can be made at home and save you money on your new style of decorating.



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