Solve Life’s Little Problems with Items You Have Around the House

Life is full of little annoyances, which you realize every time you’re eating lunch at your desk and end up with a keyboard full of crumbs and no earthly idea how to get them out. Or when you’re packing for vacation and you cannot figure out why your tennis shoes and flip flops don’t come with dust bags so that you can pack them without worrying that they’ll get your clothes dirty. Let go of the annoyance and bask in the realization that there are easy ways to solve life’s littlest problems. The best part is that you can solve these problems with items you already have just lying around the house.

Shower Caps

Stockpile a couple of shower caps and the next time you go on vacation you can put them around the bottoms of your tennis shoes and other shoes to prevent them from getting everything else in your suitcase dirty. When you’re running low on shower caps, grab a few of the free ones in your hotel the next time you are on vacation. It’s a simple, inexpensive fix for what feels like your biggest vacation preparation problems – that is, until you’re at the airport and cannot find your photo ID.

Sticky Notes

They’re already the best invention ever, but now this around the house items is even better. Sticky notes are perfect for sticking a note in a lunch box or labeling a folder for filing, and now they’re the perfect cleaning tool. The next time you miss your mouth with those chips or that sub, you don’t have to sit and wonder how to get the crumbs from between the keys on your computer. Run the sticky end of a sticky note between the keys and enjoy the cleanliness of your keyboard until your next meal.

Cooking Spray

Everyone has this just lying around the house and not only does cooking spray keep your food from sticking to your pans, it also helps you get rid of squeaks. If you can’t find anything in the tool chest or in the garage to help you stop that irritating sound that occurs whenever you open your bathroom door – or any door – simply spray a little cooking spray on the hinges and practicing opening and closing the door for a few seconds. This helps the spray lubricate the hinges and stop the squeaking. Now you can stop living in fear that you’ll wake up the baby every time you use the bathroom in the middle of the night.


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