Simple Ways to Decorate Like a Million Dollars

Ever watch a movie and think that the house the main character lives in is perfect? How about when you watch design shows on television and wonder why you can’t have a gorgeous, perfect house that looks like it belongs in a style magazine? The truth is that you can have a house that looks like that. There are a few things you can do to decorate in order to make even your modest house look like a million dollars, without spending anything even remotely close to that.


One of the easiest ways to make a den or office look like a million dollars is to add bookshelves and fill them with books. Books, you say, are often expensive, and needless with all of your e-readers. However, the trick to this is to go to the thrift store and pick up random books, but only hardcover editions. Arrange them by color to make them pop even more.


Forgo the couch and purchase a few settees instead. These luxurious looking seats cost far less than larger pieces and have much more decorating potential. Your house will look like a million dollars when you place one at the foot of your bed, one in front of your fireplace and one on the side of your dining room table in place of the chairs that used to go there.

Mix and Match

One of the worst things you can do in your home is make it overly match-y. To make your house look richer, pick up lamps that don’t match, choose frames that don’t match, and mix and match your furniture pieces. The look is classic, elegant, and makes your room look like a million dollars in an instant. The reason is because you look like you spent a ton of money on pieces that deliberately do not go together, which is all people need to think your room cost a million dollars.


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