Simple Tips for Transforming Cheap Bedroom Furniture


Budgets are no fun. Mostly because they mean you don’t have unlimited funds to do with what you please. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your money and a little fun creating the kind of style and sophistication you want at home. When it comes to decorating a bedroom, cheap bedroom furniture is not ideal. You know what we mean; it looks cheap, it feels cheap and we all know it’s not going to last a lifetime. However, that does not mean it won’t work for the moment. Your bedroom is perfectly capable of featuring furniture that might not be the highest quality because you have the power to make it look more expensive and more elegant. You can make small changes and put in minimal effort to get your master bedroom looking elegant and chic, without putting money into things you cannot afford. Let us help you help your master bedroom furniture become as fabulous as possible by taking a few of our tips and applying them to your less than high-end furniture.

Paint It

Sometimes the idea of painting furniture seems a little bit tacky, but it can be done in a way that’s not tacky. If you have furniture that has a cheap look to it, consider painting it white. You can’t stain things that aren’t made of real wood, but you can paint them white and give them a shabby chic cottage-like feel.

Go Light

If you have a master bedroom you want to make look more elegant but it’s filled with cheap furniture, consider painting the room a light gray. It’s elegant and sophisticated, and by adding that color to your newly painted white furniture, you can really make the room pop. Things will look instantly more elegant and upscale.


You can accessorize on the cheap and make a room look great. Find a beautiful lamp stand and add a stylish shade. Add a vase of fresh flowers to your nightstand and even use your favorite hardcover books as décor on tables. Pick up a nice set of bedding that complements the color palette of your bedroom and watch as the entire room transforms. A few fresh flowers, bright colors and natural light from open windows can make a big difference.

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