Simple Steps To Clear Clutter From Your Main Living Areas

No matter how hard we try to clear clutter, it seems to pile up in our main living areas where everyone that visits our home can see it.  I feel safe in saying that is a big pet peeve to most women in our world.  We want our homes to look neat and organized, even if they really aren’t, right?  Of course it would be even better if they really were that neat all the time but if they can’t be, we can at least give the illusion they are.

There are some simple steps to clear clutter from your main living areas.  There are several areas that seem to accumulate clutter worse than others.  The area around the front door seems to gather shoes, backpacks, purses and jackets.  The easiest way to clear clutter in this area is to purchase some organizational tools to help you.  Hooks to hang backpacks, purses and jackets on work wonderfully.  A bench that opens up is great to hide shoes in.

The next area that usually catches junk is the kitchen table.  It tends to catch keys, mail, homework, permission slips and things of that nature.  The way to clear clutter from this area is to designate a place for each of the things that end up there.  Have a dish or basket for keys to be placed in when they are not in use.  Have a specific spot set aside for your children to place all of their homework and permission slips in.  A basket works well for this also.

As far as mail is concerned, follow the rule of only handling it once.  This will help clear clutter tremendously.  If it is junk, toss it.  If it is important, file it.  If it is something else like a magazine or catalog, put it in its proper place.

With these simple steps you will clear clutter from your main living areas.


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