Simple House Changes Can Make a Big Impact

Almost everyone goes through a phase where they want to change something in their house to make it look a little more polished, updated, or stylish. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, energy, or budget to do that, which tends to prevent people from making any of the changes they want to make. Before you give up on the idea of creating a new look for your space, consider using one of these simple, easy to achieve style updates.


You can change the look of an entire room with paint. Before you start scrolling down because you don’t have time to paint an entire room, look again. The new paint trick is to skip the walls and paint your trim. For example, if you have light beige walls consider painting your baseboards, crown molding, and window trim a deep shade of chocolate. The entire room will look brand new with just this small little change of detail. If you need to consult an expert, visit this website at to learn more.


The best way to change the look of an entire room is with lighting. For a small space, remove the small light fixture and replace it with an oversize chandelier or lamp shade. The look is bold, beautiful, and simple enough to do without much effort.


Update your walls with fresh new artwork. You can do this in a matter of minutes by purchasing blank painters canvas and some bold, exciting fabric from your local fabric and craft stores. Pull the fabric tight over the canvas and staple it to the back to create what looks like expensive, abstract artwork that set you back a pretty penny. Your guests don’t have to know that each piece cost you less than $10.

Frame Collage

Instead of buying a new master bedroom suit, update the room with a photo collage above the bed. Buy a group of similar frames and fill them with your favorite prints to create a collage over your bed.


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