Three Best Kept Secrets To Having An Orderly And Clean Home

Having a clean home is a goal that most of us want to achieve but it is difficult with work as the kids activities and everything else that makes our lives busy.  But you can have a clean home if you follow these three best kept secrets.

Clean as you go.  This is the number one tip that will make the most difference in your home.  Many times, we get lax about picking up after ourselves and that is where the trouble starts.  If you are always picking up after yourself, then a mess does not have time to pile up against you.  Take your dishes to the sink, your dirty clothes into the hamper or the laundry room, and be sure to put away anything you use while you are getting ready to go out the door.  This would include things like a hair straightener, the discarded outfits you chose not to wear but are littering your bathroom or bedroom floor.  Cleaning as you go will help you to have an orderly and clean home.

Be on guard against clutter.  Clutter can pile up so quickly in our homes.  It comes from different sources; the mail, papers our children bring in from school and other sources.  Try to only handle those papers once.  If you don’t need them or want them, toss them.  If it is something you need to sign, do so immediately and get it ready to be returned.  The remaining items should be either bills to be filed until you are ready to pay them or pleasure items such as magazines or catalogs.  You should have a designated place for them, as well.

Having a weekly cleaning routine is the last best kept secret to having an orderly and clean home.  Many people want to do all of their cleaning in one day while others prefer to spread it out through the week.  Either way works, as long as your home gets the attention it deserves.


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