Redesign Your Home With Simple Tips and a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to redesign your home. You can redesign any room in your house on a budget without spending thousands of dollars, but still making a huge impact. Some of the world’s leading interior designers offer advice to homeowners looking to redesign the entire house, or just a small space that is both cost effective and striking.

Go White

One of the easiest ways to redesign your master bedroom is to change out your linens. There is something so chic, sophisticated and elegant about an all white bed. Ditch the colorful duvet and opt for all white sheets, pillows, shams and duvets. It’s classic and elegant without feeling pretentious. Just make sure you keep tiny chocolatey fingers away from your bedding or you might never achieve the look you’re going for.

Go Purple

To make any room in your home look instantly chic and royal, paint something a deep shade of purple. It can be one wall, a dresser, a table or even a couple of throw pillows. Just go with something in a shade of deep plum that instantly transforms any room, making it appear instantly regal and royal. The key is to make sure that this is the only pop of color in the room; everything else should be a shade of neutral.

Mirrors Make a Difference

Hang a large mirror on an unexpected wall and watch as your entire room transforms into something lighter, brighter and even larger. The reflective quality of the mirror allows natural light to make your room look larger and more luxurious. The mirror itself adds an air of sophistication to any room, allowing you to achieve the look of a completely made over room without actually making any changes; just the simple addition of a large mirror to a wall.


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