Redecorate A Room On A Budget

We tend to get bored with our home decor and when we do, we want to redecorate.  However, in today’s current economy, that is not always a choice available to us.  Or is it?

It turns out you can redecorate on a budget. It is surprising just how little it actually takes to redecorate a room. Let’s talk about redecorating a bedroom, just for an example. You can use the same secrets on any room in your house. In fact, even just by placing new runner rugs and other small pieces, you can already rejuvenate a room’s look.

Paint is cheap and makes a big impact when you redecorate.  For under $25 you can have a whole new look to your room.  If you want even more change in your walls but aren’t able to shell out the cash for wallpaper or border, using a stencil is an option.  There are so many stencils available today in so many types of decor, there is something for everyone.  All you need is your stencil, which is usually under a few dollars and the paint for it, which is a very small amount.

Think do-it-yourself as you redecorate.  With a little instruction you can easily get off the internet, you can make your own headboard or even build a bookcase out of supplies you may already have on hand.

Think in alternative ways.  Do you have a friend that has a piece in their home you would love to have?  Ask them if they have ever thought of getting rid of it or if there is something in your home they would like to have.  Many times there is and you have a new look for nothing.  Once, I traded kitchen canisters for kitchen canisters.  I got a new mustard set and my friend took my ruby-red ones off of my hands.

Repurpose.  You probably have many things in your home that are versatile enough to be rearranged.  Maybe you can move a vase from the living room to the bedroom or some throw pillows from your guest room to your sofa.  Changing things up can give you a whole new look.

Creativity, not cash, is the needed skill to redecorate.



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