Three Good Reasons To Make Your Bed Each Day

It’s true, if you make your bed, you are doing a daily chore that you have to do again every morning.  But the benefits of making your bed will help you to feel better all day long.  If you are wondering what some good reasons are to take the time to make your bed, here is a short list for you to think over.

If you make your bed, it makes you feel ready to start the day and resist the temptation to laze around.  It is a mental signal to your mind that sleep is over and your daytime activities need to be in full swing.  There is no temptation to go back to sleep after you take your children to school because there is no place to lie down.  It is a small chore that reaps big rewards.

It makes your whole bedroom look better when you make your bed.  It is something that you can do in just a few minutes that will improve the look of the whole room.  An unmade bed looks disorganized and gives the whole room a feeling of untidiness.  You can avoid that by just taking that few minutes to make your bed and have your bedroom take on a whole different look.  You will feel better when you know that your bedroom is in order.  This also saves you the embarrassment of someone seeing your room look in disarray if you should get unexpected company that sees your room.

A made bed just feels better to sleep in than one that has been left the way you woke up.  A made bed makes you feel more restful when you slip in between the sheets at bedtime.  It gives a calming feeling you cannot get when you leave your bed unmade.

Image Credit: She Knows


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