16 Purchases That Homeowners Regret

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There are way more than 16 purchases that homeowners regret after buying a home, but here are a few you might recognize. Hey, no one gets it right all the time.

Top-of-the-line appliances

a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances
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We get it, having nice, shiny things in the house that are top-of-the-line is impressive. But they break and malfunction just like anything else. The problem is that they’re way more expensive to fix.

Seasonal decor

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One thing many homeowners regret, sooner or later, is trying to keep up with the seasonal trends. Why do you need decor for every season?

Elaborate/excessive landscaping

red and white flower garden
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Yep, it looks nice, but it often costs an arm and a leg to maintain, unless one can do that type of work themselves. Many homeowners come to regret such a decision since it doesn’t last if you can’t keep a crew working on your landscaping all year.

Buying the most expensive paint brands

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It’s kind of funny to someone who’s painted million-dollar homes that the average homeowner doesn’t know the difference between cheap paint and expensive stuff. The prep that goes into the job makes a bigger difference than the brand.

Expensive light fixtures

brown wooden table near white window blinds
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So you’ve got pretty-looking lights. What happens when they’re no longer popular?

Pricey bedding materials

a bed sitting in a bedroom next to two windows
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You know all those pillows and the blankets that are just for show? That’s money wasted on designer brands that are no more comfortable than the cheap stuff on the shelves at Target or even the Goodwill store.

Appliances that are single-use

gray and black moka pot on top of gray gas range oven
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Granted, if you live alone you don’t need much. But single-use appliances aren’t great for anything other than a single person or a couple.

Huge pieces of furniture


This isn’t so bad if you have a family that needs extra space to sit or stretch out. But if it’s just you then it’s a big waste of money.

Converting utility space into living space


This is something that needs to be done on an as-needed basis. Converting a garage or utility space into a living area is not a huge mistake unless you’re doing it ‘just because’. Value that storage space.

Getting rid of your bathtub

white flush toilet
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A shower is quicker and more efficient, that’s true. But sometimes you really need to just kick back and soak in the tub after a long day.

Bulky exercise equipment

barbell on rack
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Again, a lot of these points can be flipped if a homeowner is single and lives alone. But when one starts building a family, space comes at a premium.

Elaborately themed kids’ rooms


This is great when kids are young and enjoy this type of thing. But as they grow you can bet that things will need to change.

Costly outdoor furniture


You don’t really need designer furniture outside where the elements can wear and tear at them. That’s a lot of money down the drain no matter how well you maintain it.

Making your home a ‘smart’ home


It is very tempting to be able to protect and control your home at the push of a button. But it’s also kind of dangerous in the digital age.

Trendy items, like furniture


Some people care about trends, others care about comfort. It’s wise to step back and realize which is more important.

A swimming pool


Don’t get me wrong, having a pool is nice when you have a family, particularly in the summer. But it’s a huge expense and a lot of upkeep.


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