Prepare Yourself and Your Home for Spring


Spring is here. Well, it’s here according to the calendar even though northerners are still getting fits of snow and we Floridians have jumped straight from the season we refer to as “not quite summer” right back into summer. If the weather in your area isn’t quite spring like just yet, you might be itching for it to change. Since it can any day now, perhaps you should start preparing yourself for the onset of spring-like temperatures and all that goes along with it.


Plant some flowers. Nothing gets you quite in the mood for spring to arrive like a garden full of beautifully colored flowers sure to make you smile on even the coldest and most unwelcome of still lingering winter mornings. The lovely sight of flowers provides you with the gentle reminder that even though spring seems to have forgotten to show up on time this year, it’s going to be here any minute. It’ll brighten your day significantly.

Hit the Mall

Go shopping. When you have something to look forward to, such as a new wardrobe of gorgeous spring clothing, you’ll be even more excited when the weather finally warms up. Preparing a little early never hurt anyone. This spring it’s all about floral prints, ladylike colors and simple statement pieces. Think nude and camel color sandals and wedges, bright handbags and large hats.

Work Out

Exercise is a great way to get ready for spring. You can’t go wrong when you work out and start prepping your body for its appearance once the spring weather finally arrives. No one has seen those arms in months, so it’s time to make sure they are looking as fit and toned as ever. And while no one will see your stomach this spring, they’ll be seeing it in just a few short months when summer finally arrives and you’re sure to want it looking good.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


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