Prepare A Guest Room That Your Guests Will Never Want To Leave

When you have guests coming to your home, you want to give them a guest room that they will feel comfortable in.  More than that, you want the guest room to tell them they are welcomed and help them feel at home.  You want guests to know that you went to a lot of extra lengths to make their home comfortable and make them feel as if they could stay forever.  Not that you want them to stay forever, mind you.

You can give your guests this kind of hospitality.  First you need to start with the basics.  Put fresh, clean sheets on the bed and make sure the room is freshly vacuumed and dusted.  Then you can move on to the special touches.  Think about things that would make you feel comfortable if you were staying in that room.  Place a basket with magazines, some puzzle books and a pen in it.  While you are at it, it is always nice to have a little note pad for your guest to write things down on, should they need to make a list.  A vase of fresh flowers is a nice touch.  Extra pillows and blankets are a very thoughtful things to place in the guest room to let them know you are considering their comfort.  Also, a few bottled waters on the nightstand will be appreciated.  Some simple snacks such as pretzels,cookies and maybe mints would be nice.

If your guest room has a bathroom attached to it, then you can also add things in there to help make sure your guests’ needs will be well cared for.  Plenty of towels and wash cloths are a good start.  Adding a plush robe for their use would be thoughtful.  Making sure they have soap, shampoo and even items like toothpaste and a new toothbrush are good items to add.  Try to think of things that you often forget when you travel and have them there for your guest.

Your guest will love the guest room you have prepared for them.


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