Prepare For A Winter Storm Now To Be Safe

I know, I know we are only just transitioning into the fall season but this is the best time to prepare for a winter storm, before it actually happens.  How much thought do you give to preparing for hazardous winter conditions?  Have you, like most of us, been caught off guard when one hit?  This year, let’s take some steps to see to it that it doesn’t catch us unaware again.

The first thing you want to do is stock your pantry.  I have a separate place in mine that is for my winter foods.  I stock enough foods back to get us through several days in case the weather turns bad and I cannot get out to get to the grocery store.  Because isn’t that when a winter storm always seems to hit, when you are out of everything?

Foods I tend to stock are staples like pasta, pasta sauce, canned goods, vegetable soup makings, cookies, dry beans, muffin mixes and bottled water.  You want to stock things that will last for a while.  Be sure to use these products at the end of winter so that they do not go to waste.

It is also a good idea to make sure you have a snow shovel and some salt to sprinkle on your sidewalks or porch steps.

A source of back up heat is also of vital importance.  You want to be prepared should your electric go out.  Can you add gas logs to a fireplace to use when you have no electric?  Brainstorm about what options are available to you to use for heat if a winter storm hits your area.

Your car should also be prepared for winter.  Be sure to add a blanket, a flash light and other emergency supplies should you be stranded in if caught out in a winter storm.

While you want to hope that a winter storm doesn’t hit or passes you by without concern, it is always a good idea to be prepared.



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