How To Prepare For A Family Picture

Have a family picture taken requires quite a bit of planning for the best results.  And in most families, that job falls squarely on Mom’s shoulders.  It is my hope to give you some tips you can use to help your photo session go more smoothly and make your family picture come out the best way possible.

The first decision you need to make is what you are all where you are having your pictures done.  Are you going to a studio or having a photographer come to you?  If so, where are the pictures going to be taken?  Outdoors, indoors?

Once you know where you are having your family picture taken, you need to make a decision what you are all wearing.  Solids are usually the best choice for pictures and if you are doing a family picture wearing the same color or corresponding ones work well.  Jeans are a good choice as most everyone owns a pair.  I have seen lovely pictures turn out well in many colors.  Try to choose a color that flatters all family members.  Basic white or black shirts are easy to find and pair well with jeans.

Sit down and make a list of who you will be giving your photos to and what sizes you would like for each recipient.  This is a huge timesaver and sure beats sitting in the office of your photographer trying to figure out what you need for family members and friends or worse yet, forgetting someone and coming up short.

Schedule the family picture at the best time of day for your family.  If you have little ones that need a nap, that bears considering.

Stick to simple hairstyles that you know work for you.  Family picture day is not the day you want to experiment with a new style.

Lastly, relax and have fun.  Make it a low-key, no pressure event and it will undoubtedly give you better results.


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