10 Popular Home Exterior Colors


It’s recommended to at least look at the 10 popular home exterior colors that are being used in this era to sell your home. It pays to remember that appearance is a big deal with some buyers.



Provided by Benjamin Moore, a darker color is best used with natural building materials, wood, brick, and stone. Some people don’t appreciate darker tones, but they do accentuate certain parts of one’s home.

Regent Green


Dark green colors are often better to use in various locations where they can bring out the natural blues of a home’s natural surroundings. Plus, it’s one of the exterior colors that help lighter trim to really pop.

Bear Creek


It’s an odd name for an exterior color, isn’t it? But the earthy, neutral color is seen in a lot of homes. As one of the warm exterior colors, it’s used quite often.

November Rain


It’s fair to say that a lot of people have trouble describing this color unless they know the name. It is seen as an off-white, but it’s actually a light gray with green undertones.

Grant Beige


A lot of people have never given up on beige. As one of the more popular exterior colors, it’s been used again and again. Hey, it’s a versatile color.

Mohegan Sage


Neutral colors are always going to have a place in design. This hue leaves a lot to work with.



There’s enough depth in this color to satisfy a lot of people. Not only that, it’s incredibly versatile and has a warm color that manages to give a home a lot of curb appeal.

Westcott Navy


As one of the more classic shades on this list, it’s a great color to update a home with. It’s best to pair it with light trim though, since it gets a little darker with darker trim.



This is kind of a complex neutral color that has yet to gain a lot of traction. But it’s popular enough that it pairs well with red brick and either black or white trim.



Yes, this hue is very dark. But there are strong blue undertones that make it appear more charcoal than true black. It’s not a color that a lot of people pick, but somehow it’s still one that many find appealing.


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