15 People Favorite Houseplants For Your Home

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Want to transform your living space into a lush oasis of greenery? If you want to bring life into your home, then bringing houseplants is a very good choice. It not only adds aesthetic appeal but also purifies the air around you and lightens up your mood. These 15 houseplants are super easy to grow and maintain.


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Pothos plants are ideal for any living space. Super low-maintenance and a go-to choice for beginners as they thrive with minimal sunlight and little care. It is known for reducing air pollutants like xylene and formaldehyde, Pothos comes in various color variations, adding a touch of vibrance to your home.

Spider Plant

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Perfect for people with a busy lifestyle.  The spider plant is both resilient and low-maintenance. They thrive in indirect sunlight and absorb humid air very well. This is why even after repotting this type of plant it is still popular as an indoor air purifier.


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Some of the trendiest succulents include a jade plant that has bright, shiny rubbery leaves. Known for water retention capabilities, the jade plant benefits indoor environments by adding humidity. This plant is perfect for cooler, drier climates and requires minimal watering making it perfect for individuals with hectic day schedules,

Aloe Vera

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Apart from its medicinal uses, aloe vera can be used as an all-purpose houseplant. This species needs no water but helps to remove air pollutants and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Place it inside for this green touch with extra health benefits.

Snake Plant

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Celebrated on social media, the snake plant is a trendsetter in the houseplant world. The snake plant requires less water to grow because it can tolerate increased light levels or reduced light availability. It also cleanses the atmosphere by absorbing dangerous toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene contributing to a healthier atmosphere.


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An excellent choice for first-time plant owners, the Dracaena adapts quickly to various surroundings. It thrives in low-light conditions, which makes it for spaces with limited sunlight exposure or even dark rooms. Its easy going nature makes it an ideal companion for those new to plant care.

English Ivy

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Bring English Ivy into your home and solve your problem of mildew. This bedroom plant is a very good thing in its efforts to rid the air of mold spores and freshen up the entire room. However, be cautious since children as well as animals can get sick when they eat or nibble on its leaves.


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If you are someone who enjoys nice smells then lavender will do you right. Lavender has a gentle smell which is used to relieve stress indoors easily. Put it in your bedroom where you will constantly wake up due to its sweet scent.


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Rosemary does more than flavor food; it helps us concentrate better by aiding focus. If you have a small rosemary pot in your study or office desk, expect some brain boost from the herb’s fragrance. This plant requires minimum care i.e. watering and exposure to sunlight making it adaptable to various surroundings.

Boston Fern

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Boston Fern is a perfect natural humidifier that can help you keep humidity at a comfortable level in your house. This plant removes impurities from the air and helps people who suffer from dry skin. The fern grows well if it is provided with indirect sunlight and kept in moist soil.


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Succulents are perfect for both homes and offices because of their unique shapes and colors. By requiring less care as well as water, they will add some greenery to your space within no time. Just trim them once in a while to maintain their cuteness.

Peace Lily

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A beautiful addition to your indoor garden, Peace Lily helps to cleanse the air effectively by removing any harmful contaminants present. When absorbing benzene, ammonia, or formaldehyde this flower produces large elegant white flowers whose sight alone creates an atmosphere that pleases our sight.

ZZ Plant

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The ZZ Plant is an ideal selection for individuals who do not have enough time to take care of plants. Less watering is required; it does well under low light conditions making it best suited for apartments or homes with little access to sun rays. Its ability to withstand no sunlight makes it the best plant choice for interior spaces.

Juniper Bonsai

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Juniper bonsai matches minimalist spaces perfectly since it is very attractive and requires little maintenance. In particular, this plant would look great within office spaces or studies because it carries a bit of nature along with it. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space.

String of Pearls

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The String of Pearls plant has dewy leaves giving it a beautiful cascading effect. These plants add a unique visual element to your interior space as they thrive under indirect light. It makes it perfect to be placed in hanging baskets allowing their strings to cascade down, creating a beautiful ripple effect that forms its name “string of pearls”. 


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