Organize Your Closet Like a Professional

Even with a closet the size of a small bedroom, I still don’t have enough room for everything in it. No matter how big or small your closet it, there never seems to be enough space to hold everything you have. It’s a little inconvenient for me, but it’s a lot more inconvenient for my husband, who has to live with his side of the closet being cleaned out regularly to make room for my new stuff (I do love you, honey, and I really hate getting rid of your stuff, I really do). If you have the same problem, you need some tips from professional closet designers. I assure you, these tips will change your life.

Double Rods

It does not take much to add a second rod in the closet. Really, I did it myself while my husband was at the grocery store once (I will leave out the part about it collapsing a few years later when I decided all my boots should sit atop that shelf…). Double rods give you double the space to hang your clothes, and it makes your closet much more efficient.

Valet Hooks

My husband pulls out what he wants to wear to work the night before and hangs it up. He used to hang it on the curtain rod over our window, which gave me a heart attack when I woke up in the middle of the night and swore I saw a man in a jacket at the window, only to realize it was my husband’s jacket hanging up. Now we have a valet hook in the closet where he can hang what he wants.

Buy Good Hangers

Wooden hangers and thick plastic hangers are the best. Don’t use those cheap wire hangers or thin plastic ones that stores give you with your garments. Buy the real stuff so your clothes will hold up better, you won’t have as much of a tangled mess, and you won’t have to deal with all the snapping, falling, and poor look of your clothes.


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