The Best Way To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry For Ease Of Use

The kitchen pantry is a very important part of your home.  It holds snacks, treats and the makings of meals.  It makes sense to take time to organize it for the best ease of use.

To begin to organize your kitchen pantry, first pull everything out that is in it.  Go through things as you are pulling them out and check for expiration dates.  Get rid of anything past the best by date or that looks or smells suspicious.  Remember the age old rule that has kept many people from getting ill; when in doubt, throw it out.

Next, make a pan of soapy water and wash down the kitchen pantry on both the inside and outside.  An optional step is to line your kitchen pantry shelves with shelf paper so that it is easier to wipe clean in the future.  It also adds a nice, homey touch to the kitchen pantry.

The next thing you will need to do is separate all of your food into different sections so that you can place with like.  It is easy to divide your foods up in the following way.  Place all your salty snacks together such as popcorn, pretzels, chips and crackers.  Place all of your sweet treats together such as cookies, gummies and pudding cups.  Place your canned goods together but separate them down a bit further into canned soups, canned vegetables and other canned goods.  Place your pastas together and pasta sauce nearby one another.  Place your breakfast cereals together and add pop tarts and instant oats nearby.  Boxed mixes should be placed together as should baking supplies to make it easier when you are looking for either of those things.

Try to place things closest to your reach according to what you use the most.  If you bake frequently then the baking supplies should be within arms reach.  If you don’t bake except rarely, then those things can go in a more out of the way place.  Follow this rule with all of the foods that need to go back in the kitchen pantry.


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