Organize Your Closet the Right Way

An organized closet is a happy closet. How often do you spend what feels like hours going through your closet hoping to find something fabulous to wear and unable to do so because you can’t even see past the jumbled mess that your closet has become? Probably far too much time if you’re like most people. Your closet deserves a little organization if for no other reason than to save you a bit of time and effort getting dressed. Here’s a great way to begin organizing yours.

Time Frame

Take everything out of your closet and toss it on the bed. Now, go through each piece one at a time and ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the past year. If you haven’t and it’s still in gorgeous condition, toss it into a pile designated for donations. If you have worn it in the past year, go ahead and keep it for yourself.

Fit Matters

Now that you know whether or not you’ve worn something in the past year, ask yourself if it fits. Don’t assume; try it on. If it’s too tight or too big, toss it in the donation pile or the trash pile if it’s rather worn. There is no sense in keeping anything you can’t fit into as its only purpose at this point is taking up space in your closet – which doesn’t fell big enough to begin with.

Organize What’s Left

Now that you know what you’re keeping, it’s time to organize it. Start by using matching hangers. It helps create a look that’s uniform and polished. Next, organize your clothes by category; dresses, skirts, pants, tops. Next, organize them by season; winter dresses, summer dresses, maxi dresses, etc. Next, organize them by color. If you haven’t any idea which color to start with, go ahead and use your primary colors as an example. I believe the pneumonic for those is ROY G BIV, translated into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You can add in your extra colors as you see fit.

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