The Best Plan For Conquering Your Out Of Control Junk Drawer

An out of control junk drawer can make you feel stressed every time you go near it.  You open it and things begin to spill out everywhere.  You have no idea if the item you are looking for is even within the crazy contents of your junk drawer.  You can make control out of the chaos your junk drawer has became.

The first step in conquering your out of control junk drawer is to dump it all out on a wide surface where you have plenty of room for sorting.  Make three piles out of the mess you are dealing with.  One pile will be garbage, one will be for items that need to be placed somewhere else and one pile is for the items you want to place back in the drawer.

Once you have organized your clutter into three distinct piles, wipe out your now empty junk drawer so that it is clean.  At this point, you need to decide on an organizational system for your drawer.  You can use dividers, little plastic baskets or even muffin tins to use as a neatly divided storage place for your items.

Group like with like.  You may want to have one slot for writing utensils, another for paper clips and tacks.  It can be done however it is going to serve you best and should be.  Place the items you use the most frequently up front and the items that you use less frequently farther back toward the back of the junk drawer.

You will always have junk accumulate in a drawer if you are like most people.  But when you take time to organize it from time to time, the clutter will at least have a method to the madness.

If you are searching for more information on organization, Huffington Post has a wonderful article about organizing your life.


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