Organization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You try and try to get organized, yet you find that your organizational skills are forgotten a mere minute and a half after you finally conquer organization. Perhaps you’ve decided you are just inept when it comes to organization, or perhaps you are still trying to figure it out. Well, here’s the problem: There are actually real mistakes you can make when organizing that prevent you from becoming organized. Here they are, and here’s how you can avoid making these organization mistakes.

Take a Minute…

To think it through. You can’t start a project without a plan. Want to organize your messy pantry? Take a few minutes to think about how it will be most functional and go from there. You don’t want the easiest to reach shelf to have all of your baking goods on it if you only bake at Christmas.

Prevent More Mess

You need to figure out how you got so unorganized in the first place. Do you always take things your mom gives you and then toss them in a closet so you don’t hurt her feelings? Do you find that you leave things on the counter a lot and when guests come over you shove them in the first available drawer? Stop your bad habits and you won’t have to worry about being disorganized from that point on.

Buying Organizing Products First

Why would you go shopping for organizational items such as containers and shelves before you know what you need? You shouldn’t add to your clutter and disorganized mess before you even start making headway. Go through your things first and then take stock of what you need. This is a great way to ensure you don’t end up with far too many or far too few items when the project is complete.


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