Why You Should Never Buy a Cheap Mattress


Endless amounts of coffee, caffeine and other pick-me-ups seem to work wonders when it comes to functioning on little sleep; and thank goodness. Most of us spend far too little time sleeping and far too much time doing anything and everything else. It’s recommended that everyone get a specific amount of sleep every night for full functioning capabilities and other health-related reasons. Maybe you think all that coffee is going to keep you going, and as long as you can make it through the day that’s all that matters; you are incorrect. Sleep is something you need for reasons other than getting through the day.

Sleep is what keeps your body going. It’s what rejuvenates you, heals you and helps your immune system function at full force. Without adequate sleep – whether it’s enough or it’s not good enough – you run the risk of suffering from a myriad of health problems. And that’s the primary reasons why you should never buy a cheap mattress. Your mattress can make or break your sleep cycle based on its comfort. You need a good one that will encourage restful sleep and an alert mind. Without a good mattress, good sleep is hard to come by. Without good sleep, your health suffers; any of these health problems could become your problem if you buy a cheap mattress and don’t get enough sleep.

Poor Sleep = Poor Intelligence

If you don’t sleep enough or your sleep isn’t considered good, quality sleep, you are more likely to end up, well, stupid. Your cognitive abilities, your intelligence and your ability to process information are slowed down tremendously when your brain and body aren’t well rested, which might make you look and feel a little bit like an idiot.

Poor Sleep = Health Problems

When you don’t get enough sleep, you have an increased risk of being diagnosed with a number of different – very serious – health problems. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and depression are just a few of the issues you might suffer if you don’t sleep enough or your sleep is inadequate; and all it takes is a quality mattress to improve your chances of a good night sleep.

Poor Sleep = Aged Skin

If for no other reason than the fact that the vast majority of us are at least vain enough to want to look as young as possible, invest in a good mattress. The less sleep you get the faster your skin ages. Your cells need all the good things that happen during sleep to happen to keep them young and healthy. Without that, they age; and you look old.

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