Make Your Yard Look Amazing for Under $100

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The first impression people have of your home is your yard. You might have the most amazing, most beautiful home in the world, but an ugly, unkempt yard is going to ensure that people don’t notice your house through their thoughts of, “Yuck. What an ugly place,” and that’s not what you want. Unfortunately, many people live with the misconception that you simply cannot have a nice yard without thousands and thousands of dollars. True, landscaping doesn’t come inexpensively, but it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, either. You can actually make your yard look pretty amazing for less than $100 with these simple tips.

Mow the Lawn

A lot of lush landscaping is gorgeous, yes, but one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your house look amazing from the outside is simply to mow your lawn. Not just once; regularly. Even without landscaping you can make your yard look fresh and clean by keeping the grass cut low, and making sure that you edge the grass around your walk ways and other items in the middle of your yard. So, make sure that you don’t neglect lawn care. Hire lawn care services to do to job professionally.

Clean Up

Get rid of the “stuff” in your yard. The more clutter you have, the messier it looks. You might have kids and you might think that their toys are just part of the scenery, but you’d be surprised just how great your house can look simply by picking up the stuff and putting it away. The best part about this yard improvement project: It’s free.

Use Mulch

For $50 you can purchase 25 bags of red mulch, which will work wonders in your yard. Simply lay the mulch in your flower beds, along your walkways in a uniform design and around any trees you have in your yard. You will be shocked by the results of your simple addition. Just a bit of color from the red and the fact that using mulch makes things look a little bit more deliberate can change the entire appearance of your home. This can also act as a lawn fertilizing method.

Add Décor

If you take a few minutes to stand outside and look at your house, what do you see that you could improve? What could be decorated? Could your porch use a chair or a small table with a pot of flowers? Could your front door use a bold color and a great wreath? Perhaps you could exchange ugly house numbers or light fixtures with something more up-to-date and stylish? These things can all be done for very little, especially if you shop for them at consignment shops, yard sales and antique stores. Attention to décor detail can actually make a huge improvement over the look of your home; and you get bonus points if you powerwash your house and drive.

Add Color

It doesn’t matter how you add color to your front yard, just that you do add color. A bland, boring yard is just that; bland and boring. A few pops of color here and there, however, can make a huge difference. Try adding a few brightly colored flowers. You can plant them, hang them or put them in a brightly colored pot on your front doorstep. You can paint the door red or paint your shutters a bright color. You can add red mulch to your flower beds. A bright yellow chair on your porch, or a green table or even an old wine barrel with a brightly colored tray on top with a cute pot of flowers next to your door is an amazing addition to your yard.

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