Make Old Towels New Again

If you’re like most of us, your bathrooms probably have specific décor. Maybe you have something soft and sophisticated, elegant and fun or abstract and child-friendly. Whatever you have in your bathrooms, your towels probably match the overall look of the room. Unfortunately, after you’ve been using them for a while, you might notice they start to look and feel less fluffy and comfortable, and they might even begin to emit a subtle odor the second they get a little wet. While it’s easier to simply purchase new towels to replace the old ones, it’s not always possible to find ones that match, which is why this simple trick will have your current old towels looking and smelling brand new in no time.

First Wash

Stick your towels into the washing machine; do not use any laundry detergent. Instead, add hot water to the machine in addition to one cup of vinegar and let them wash through a complete cycle. This helps the built up detergent and fabric softeners break down, making your towels soft and supple; like new.

Second Wash

Fill the washing machine up with hot water once again. This time, skip the detergent and vinegar in favor of a half cup of baking soda. This helps fluff the towels and get rid of any moldy odor that might get stuck deep down into the fabric.

Dry Your Towels

Now that your towels have gone through two separate washes, you can dry them and begin using them again. They will be fresh and able to absorb more water, which means they’ll feel fluffier and smell much better. Do this every few months and your towels will have a shelf life of pretty much forever. Now you don’t have to fight the crowds to find that perfect shade of eggplant for your bathroom.


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