Wrap Up Your Gift Wrapping With These Easy Little Tips

Gift wrapping seems to be the next chore on the list when we complete our Christmas shopping.  And a lot of times, people dread this chore but there are actually some ways to make it much easier to tackle.

Some stores will do gift wrapping for free when you shop there.  It never hurts to ask if they offer that service when you are checking out.  You can get a beautifully wrapped package for free without having to do it yourself.

If you have a pre-teen or teenager, this might be a chore to delegate to them.  Many of them enjoy doing gift wrapping; I know my little girl does.  They may not do it as perfectly as you do but you will get the chore done and out of the way for free.  Many people decide that the trade off of not having to do it themselves is worth having the corners not perfectly even.

You can also hire someone to do you gift wrapping.  Many people are looking for a second job around the holidays and this is an easy enough one.  It all depends on your perspective and how much that you want to get out of doing this chore.

I actually enjoy gift wrapping but can be overwhelmed with the magnitude of the chore.  It typically takes me six to eight hours to complete my gift wrapping.  But I try to just make a day of it and enjoy it.  I pull out a lot of old Christmas classics to watch while I handle my gift wrapping.  It can actually end up being an enjoyable day if I concentrate on the enjoyment of it rather than the hundreds of other chores that are calling my name.

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