Make Entertaining More Successful in the New Year

It’s a new year and it’s time to learn new things; and why not start with a few tips that help you make entertaining as simple and successful as possible? Entertaining is something we all do, even if it’s not the kind of entertaining that involves hundreds of guests and catered affairs. Being a good hostess means learning a few simple tricks that will make every event you host a smashing success.

Serve Light Options

Rather than killing your guests with heavy items such as carbs, serve lighter fare that will keep them alert, energized and feeling good. While it’s okay to include a few less than healthy options, great food for entertaining always includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and light dishes that are easy to consume and great for guests.

Refill Often

Instead of placing all your food out at once, hide some in the fridge and refill your platters often. Not only does this help eliminate the need to clean up and throw away perfectly good food at the end of the night, it’s also sanitary. Some foods don’t do well sitting for long periods of time. If something seems popular, you can refill often and keep food fresh and tasty.

Don’t Clean Before the Party Ends

It’s very, very tempting to want to clean up as you go throughout the night, but stop. It makes guests feel a little awkward and can even end the party a bit early. Instead, skip the urge to pick up empty cups and plates. Of course, you can mop up a spill if you catch one.


The most important thing you can do when entertaining is to enjoy the party yourself. As the hostess, your job is to mingle, enjoy and relax. It helps your guests feel at ease and it helps your night unfold in a successful manner.

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