How to Make Cheap Picture Frames Look More Expensive


Picture frames are one of our favorite ways to decorate a home. They hold the most treasured pieces of art will we ever possess; the photos of our loved ones. And while they do look lovely, they can be quite expensive. Except when you try to save money on them and buy the cheap ones; they just look cheap. So what are you to do when you need new picture frames but you don’t want to spend a fortune? The answer is simple; get creative with your frames so that you can make cheap ones look more expensive. This works when you’re not using photos; too. We love printables with creative sayings downloaded from Etsy shops to hang in offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and to use at parties, and that’s why we also make sure we find frames that will work well with those. Here are a few tips you can use to help you make cheap picture frames look more luxe and expensive when you use them to decorate.

Spray Paint Them

Do yourself a favor and buy cheap wooden frames with white wood, and then spray paint the frames. Are you painting the baby’s nursery a lovely light pink and want to have mint accents? Spray that wood with mint-color spray paint, let it dry and then use it to hang photos in the baby’s room. The new color makes it look a lot more expensive simply because it’s going to look custom made rather than cheap.

Think Silver

If you buy frames that are made of plastic or some other material, silver spray paint is going to become your best friend. Since silver is shiny anyway, it’s not going to look cheap on a shiny plastic frame. It’s going to make the frame look a lot more expensive than it actually does. Shop for different frame types at Frame Destination.

Go Big or Go Home

Finally, if we can offer just one piece of advice about purchasing cheap picture frames, it would be to go with bigger frames. Not size-wise, but frame width-wise. The wider the frame’s frame, the more expensive it’s going to look. The narrower it is, the cheaper it looks. Just do yourself this favor and go with one that might cost a little bit more but has the potential to look a lot more expensive.

Photo by Dan Kitwood – WPA Pool/Getty Images


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