How Long Will a Cheap Washer and Dryer Last?


Buying a cheap washer and dryer is something most people wish they could do, and many people don’t bother with. Why? Because when you’re s pending money on appliances, it’s often better to spend more now and save more down the road. There is a common misconception that the inexpensive appliances you can purchase for your laundry room will not last very long. You can either spend $300 on them now and then spend more later down the road when they break and you need new ones, or you can spend $1000 or more on each piece now and then have them around for years to come. The truth is something many people are not familiar with, but we are going to break it down from very personal experience.

The first thing to note is that if you’re buying a cheap used washer and dryer, there is no telling how long that thing is going to last. You also need to ensure you use your appliances as they are intended and not abuse them. Use and abuse can cause them to quickly become damaged and stop working correctly.

My husband and I built our first house more than a decade ago when we first married. We bought ourselves brand new appliances for the laundry room – even though they were the cheapest ones we could find. We just had to replace them a month ago for the first time. They’ve never stopped working – and in fact, they didn’t. They just working as well as they could have and it was time. And let me add that we have four kids and do a LOT of laundry. As long as you care for your items, there is no reason they should not work properly.

Buying expensive new items is not a bad idea, but it’s not as necessary as you think. We got 10 years out of a total of $500 worth of appliances. That breaks down to about $50 a year. If you break that down by day (which is how often we use our washer and dryer), it’s $.013 per day. That’s less than a penny a day. So at the end of the day, it’s not all about the price, but the way that you care for your appliances.

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