15 Life Hacks From A Century Ago That Still Works

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Check out these life hacks from over a century ago that still work wonders today. Whether it is reviving drooping flowers or ensuring you are using pure butter, these old techniques are clever reminders of how people used to solve everyday problems. It is amazing to see how these simple, smart tips from the past can still make life easier now.

Cooling Wine without Ice

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Back when ice was a luxury, people would cool wine by wrapping the bottle in a flannel and placing it under a cold tap. The running water would chill the wine in about ten minutes. Next time your fridge is full or you are out camping, this trick could come in handy!

Reviving Wilted Flowers

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To bring back wilted blooms, plunge their stems into hot water. This helps rejuvenate the flowers that have drooped, especially after a long transit. It is a quick fix to keep your bouquets looking fresh longer. Ensure the water is not too hot, as extremely hot water can harm the stems further.

Testing Butter Purity

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Want to know if you are using pure butter or if it is mixed with something else like margarine? Rub a bit on paper and light it. Pure butter emits a pleasant, creamy smell, whereas margarine will smell more tallowy and unpleasant. This is a neat trick to check the quality of butter you are buying or using.

Predicting Weather with Clouds

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Need a quick weather forecast without modern technology? Observing small, distant clouds can help. If the cloud grows, expect rainy, unsettled weather. If it shrinks, you are likely in for a clear day. It is a simple yet effective way to plan your outdoor activities.

Removing Ink Stains with Milk

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Do you have ink stains on your clothes? Soaking the stained fabric in milk can lift the ink right out. This is a surprisingly effective way to handle an ink accident without resorting to harsh chemicals. For best results, let the stained fabric soak in the milk for a few hours before washing as usual. This method is gentle on fabrics.

Boiling Cracked Eggs

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Ever faced the annoyance of boiling cracked eggs only to have their contents leak out? Adding a bit of vinegar to the boiling water will prevent the egg whites from seeping out, allowing you to cook them as if they were perfectly intact. It is a simple fix that keeps your eggs neat and your breakfast plans on track.

Preserving Valuable Vases

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If you have top-heavy vases that easily tip over, try adding sand to the base. This old trick adds stability and prevents accidents before they happen, keeping your cherished decor safe and sound on any surface. Additionally, this method can help maintain the vase’s balance even in busier areas where bumps might occur.

Cleaning Oil Paintings

Europeana – Unsplash

Maintaining the brilliance of oil paintings can be done with something as simple as a raw potato. Gently rub a cut potato over the painting to lift dirt without damaging the artwork. The starches in the potato attract dust and grime, which you then wipe away with a soft cloth.

Increasing Lung Power

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For a natural way to enhance your respiratory health, practice this breathing exercise: stand upright, slowly inhale deeply to fill your lungs, and then gradually exhale, letting your lungs empty completely. Repeating this exercise daily can strengthen your lungs and improve overall respiratory function.

Cleaning Real Lace

Dan Lefebvre – Unsplash

Real lace can be kept in pristine condition without harsh cleaning methods. Cover the lace with powdered magnesia, sandwich it between layers of tissue paper, and place a weight on top. After a few days, shake out the powder, and you will find the lace clean and undamaged.

Simple Gate Latch

Mick Haupt – Unsplash

To keep your gate from swinging open, a weighted latch might just be the solution you need. Attach a heavier latch at the bottom, and let gravity do its job to keep it shut. This is an easy DIY project that ensures your gate stays closed without needing any fancy mechanisms.

Killing a Tree Stump

Artur Luczka – Unsplash

Got a stubborn tree stump? Try drilling holes into it and filling them with rock salt. The salt draws out moisture and prevents the stump from regrowing, offering a natural alternative to chemical stump removers. Cover the stump with a tarp to speed up the process and protect the area.

Separating Stuck Drinking Glasses

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If your drinking glasses have become stuck together, there is a quick fix. Fill the top glass with cold water and place the bottom one in warm water. The temperature difference will cause the glasses to expand and contract, making them easier to separate without any risk of breakage.

Using Pillowcases to Clean Ceiling Fans

Liliana Drew – Pexels

Cleaning ceiling fans is a breeze with an old pillowcase. Cover each blade with a pillowcase and pull it off; this captures all the dust inside. After cleaning, shake the pillowcase outside to get rid of the dust. This method is effective and keeps your home clean.

Homemade Fire Extinguisher

Timo Volz – Unsplash

For minor kitchen fires, a homemade solution can be very handy. Mix salt and ammonia in water, and keep this mixture in glass bottles. In case of a fire, this solution can be used to quickly douse the flames. Ensure these bottles are well-labeled and kept in an easy-to-access spot for emergencies.


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