Layering Your Home With Inviting Fragrances and Scents

We all love coming home at the end of the day to a home that has warm and inviting scents.  But how do you give your home that distinct smell that will always make your guests comment on it?  You layer your home with fragrance.

There are many tips on how to make your home smell clean and homey; these are the ones I use the most.  Start in your laundry room, by using laundry detergent and fabric softeners or fabric softener sheets that leave a lingering trace of scent.  My personal favorites are Wisk detergent and Bounce Bars or Bounce fabric softener sheets.  I think Wisk has its own distinct smell that I have never found duplicated in any other product.  I can smell Wisk detergent on other people’s clothing when I am near them.  Try it and see what I mean.

Another trick I use is placing fabric softener sheets in locations other than the dryer.  I have been known to put them down in couch cushions, in drawers or coat pockets.

I also use candle warmers throughout my home.  With two children, I don’t like having an open flame, so I have chosen a method that allows me to have all the benefits of a candle without the dangers.  There are a variety of candle warmers available, from tart warmers to night lights that double as a warmer.  I have found most people love fresh-baked scents, as in sugar cookies, vanilla cupcakes, cinnamon or clove scents.  It makes your home smell as if you are baking even when you are not.  My favorite brands are Yankee Candles and Scentsy products.

I have found Renuzit is a brand I can count on to leave a soft scent behind.  I like to spray Lysol daily, which serves two purposes.  It kills germs while making your home smell fresh and clean at the same time.  I also try to spray garbage cans any time it is taken out.

It is really a question of what works for you and finding the right combination of fragrance for your home.  All homes do have their own scent so make sure yours is divine.


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