Kitchen Remodel: Three Hot Color Combinations

Making the decision to redecorate your kitchen is a big one. The expense is significant and the choices are endless. With so much to choose from in terms of kitchen décor, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what look you’re aiming for. To make your choice a little easier, try starting with a color scheme and go from there. It’s amazing how a simple color scheme can turn your entire kitchen into a paradise.

Yellow, Gray and White

These three colors make for a spectacular kitchen. You’ll have guests oohing and ahhing over your color choices and it will make the rest of the design simple. Soft gray walls and start white cabinets paired with black appliances can be striking when pulled together with bold yellow accessories. Think yellow light fixtures, bar stool covers and accessories. You can’t go wrong.

All White

If you want a color scheme that screams sophistication, go for an all white one. Of course, if you have kids this is a bold choice but cleaning the cabinets is your job, so we’re not going to judge. A floor to ceiling white kitchen can look elegant, sophisticated and rich. Don’t deviate from your color scheme, however, or you might ruin the effect.

Black, White and Bold

This one is something you have to decide upon on your own. Depending on your own personal style, you can accessorize your black and white kitchen with another bold hue, such as blue, lime green or even red. Black countertops with white cabinets and backsplash look amazing when paired with something bold and brave. Red is daring and alluring. A lime green will make the white pop like nothing else. It doesn’t matter what color you choose, just make sure you use it on the walls and in the details, such as your hand towels and your dishes.


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