Kitchen Makeover: Eliminate Needless Clutter

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. Think about how many homework assignments, breakfasts at the bar and dinners you’ve spent cooking in this room. Your guests make it a point to gather here during dinner parties and the kids head straight for it as soon as they come home from school – thought they’d probably head straight to the bathroom if that’s where the cookies were kept. Your kitchen is a great room, which is exactly why you want to keep it from becoming too cluttered.

Rarely Used Items

You might use those snowman cookie cutters a dozen times a year, but probably not until December. For this reason, it’s time to get them out of the drawer where they’re taking up space in the middle of your utensils and put them elsewhere. Lovely baskets look great sitting on the top of your cabinets. Use them to store your rarely used items in the kitchen so that they’re always easily accessible but not in the way the 11 months of the year in which they’re not used.

Magazine Racks

Hang a magazine rack on the inside of cabinet doors to store the lids for your pots and pans. This is a great way to keep these difficult to store lids where you can access them with ease but prevent them from cluttering up your cabinets.

Tension Rods

Another great way to eliminate clutter and mess is to use tension rods in the cabinets. By placing them in the cabinets you keep your bake ware, you can place your bake ware in between each rod. This allows you to take the bake ware out one at a time without making a big mess or a ton of noise pulling one pan from the bottom of the pile. It’s a great solution to kitchen clutter.


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