15 Kitchen Gadgets That Make No Sense

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These are just 15 kitchen gadgets that make no sense, there are a lot more. You might have even bought a few.

Adjustable Baggy Rack


For some insane reason, this became one of the more popular kitchen gadgets. It’s a device that keeps a baggy open so you can fill it. Yeah, that’s all.

Batter Dispenser


Okay, it’s fair to say that making pancakes takes a small amount of skill. But unless you’re producing a high volume of pancakes, this is kind of extraneous.

Bear Paws Shredder Claws


They’re not just used for meat, since they can help to stabilize larger items. But unless you’re using them continually this is a waste of money.

Slicing Assistant


It’s a device that helps you create even slices of vegetables, fruits, or whatever. There’s another invention in the history of kitchen gadgets that can do the same thing, it’s called a fork.

Corn Stripper


It’s important to note that corn comes in different sizes on the cob, and unless this thing is adjustable, it’s better just to use a sharp knife. Kitchen gadgets need to come in various sizes, but even then they’re not always needed.

Butter Knife Spreader and Curler


Just soften your butter, since this is one of the harder-to-figure items when it comes to the practicality of it. Seriously, it’s just a butter knife with holes in it.

Avocado Slicer


I’ll admit to having one of these, but it’s best to eat a lot of avocados to make it worthwhile. And as many people have found, the pit holder is kind of useless.

Herb Stripper & Chopper


This is essentially a leaf knife that has been modified to add more steps to your herb stripping and chopping. It’s better to do this by hand.

Sneezy Egg Separator

Does it really need to be said? Separating an egg is kind of messy but not tough. This is just a clever gimmick and not that practical.

Banana Slicer


How many bananas do you really eat? And is it that tough to cut them up by hand? A banana isn’t an apple, after all, they do cut very easily.

Vegetable Chopper


Having worked in retail before I’ve seen so many iterations of this tool that they all tend to blend together. It’s not entirely useless, but unless you’re using it constantly, it’s not practical.

Zip Slicer


If you’ve used this then you know it creates more mush than evenly sliced pieces of whatever you’re cutting. This is a trend, not a useful gadget.

Mandolin Slicer


Again, this is a device that has been presented in a large number of ways, and it’s just as impractical as ever. It’s not the worst thing to buy, but it’s still something you should bypass in the store, or online.

Heat Sealer


There are so many ways to seal a bag that this feels like a trend that didn’t need to happen. It’s essentially a curling iron that seals your food, when a Ziploc bag would work just as well.

Ravioli Dumpling Maker


Are you a caterer? This device would make sense then. Otherwise, you might use it a couple of times and then lose it in the back of a drawer or cabinet.


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