Keeping a Schedule While Working at Home with Children

I am a young mom with two young children. I decided to work at home, so that I could be the one raising my kids. Although we are at home, I still strive to provide my kids with a schedule. Keeping a schedule allows them to feel structure and purpose. We still try to get things done outside of the home, but the majority of our time is spent inside the home. Here are a few ideas to help make sure you can stay on somewhat of a schedule while you are at home (working or not).

Nap time at the same Time

Your kids need structure in their lives and that means they need an idea of when their nap time will be. This nap time should be at least in the same time range each day. This also gives you an idea of when you can have your free time because parents need their rest too.

Show Your Kids Personal Attention

It’s so easy to get caught up in what you need to get done that you “forget” about your kids in a sense. Just try and sit down with them for a few minutes every couple of hours. Your kids are craving this attention from you. It will help your day go a lot smoother and your schedule will stay happier because there are no unexpected fits.

Plan Around Your Schedule

Do you get the point that nap time is pretty much the most important part of having a schedule? Try making sure you plan doctor appointments and play dates around your kid’s schedule. There is no need to be a nap-nazi, but you should put your kid’s needs before anything else going on in your life.

Keep these small but handy tips in mind, so that you can keep a schedule while you work at home or stay at home with your children.


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