Inventive Products that Make Cleaning More Fun


If I told you that you could make cleaning more fun, would you do it? Stop laughing and just listen; no, cleaning is not fun. There’s nothing fun about cleaning up messes that other people make around the house, but there is something fun about seeing the final result and the finished product and understanding that you can now enjoy your life just a bit more. But we can tell you that you don’t have to find cleaning to be disgusting and boring and quite as awful as you might think that it is. In fact, you can make it a bit more fun and enjoyable without much effort thanks to these inventive cleaning products. Allow us to recommend that you also help yourself out a bit by doing something inventive yourself, such as making the rest of the people in your house get off their behinds and help you do a little cleaning so it’s done and over with that much faster. Genius, isn’t it?

The Toydozer

It’s like a little bull dozer, but for toys. You can clean up that 2515415681 miniature Lego set in no time at all with this. In fact, we bet you and your kids will argue over who gets to do the cleaning up with this awesome little invention.

The Cupcake Sponge

So, your kids are going to love the concept of helping clean with a sponge that looks like a cupcake. They might clean anything you ask them to clean. Just be sure you give them some sort of homemade solution such as vinegar and lemon rather than chemicals for safety purposes.

The Feminine Apron

Believe it or not, I’m so much more inclined to cook and clean when I wear a feminine apron that makes me feel a bit like a 50s housewife. It’s not always for me, but it really does make the process seem so much more glamorous.

Microfiber Slippers

These are real, and now you can skip the mop and the towel-on-the-floor trick after bath time. Just walking through the bathroom in these is going to clean up the floor and make everything sparkle and shine with minimal effort.

Decorative Bins and Baskets

What we love about these in our house is that they make awesome toy storage. You can literally just throw all the toys you want in these and as long as it doesn’t look as if it’s overflowing, your house looks chic and clean all over again. You cannot ask for more than that, I tell you.

Photo by Timm Schamberger/Getty Images


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