20 Insane Features of Actual Houses

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Innovation knows no bounds in design architecture. From cutting-edge technology to amazing creativity, homeowners around the world are constantly pushing the boundary when it comes to designing their dream homes. Here are 20 amazing features found in actual houses that redefine what it means to live in luxury.

Underground Garage

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House owners believe that having an underground garage saves them a lot of land space. Not only this, but parking the vehicle underground keeps them safe from the prying eyes of thieves. Owners usually set up their garden over the garage or a small playing area for fun activities.

Indoor Swimming Pool

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Usually, people who have outdoor pools avoid swimming in the winter season. This can be resolved by setting up an indoor pool. With enhanced lighting and water temperature monitoring systems, homeowners can make indoor pools a better alternative to outdoor ones. Cleaning indoor pools is also hassle-free because now there are no leaves to clean.

Lap Pools

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The owners who want to install a swimming pool in their house often face the issue of less yard space. Single-lane lap pools solve this problem as they take up less space and offer an amazing swimming experience to the owners. Moreover, these pools are quite easy to install when compared to a standard-size pool. 

Home Theaters

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The ones who consider themselves cinema lovers should include a home theater in their house. With sound effects and ambiance just like in an ordinary theater, one can enjoy watching a movie in their own space and time. However, setting up a home theater can be costly but going for cheaper accessories can save some cost.

Walk-In Closets

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Having a walk-in closet is quite popular these days. However, only a few homeowners still have these. Having a large closet in a separate room gives the house an aesthetic look. Moreover, a person can store shoes, clothes, or even makeup in the closet, which helps them avoid the clutter in the bedroom.

Portable Saunas

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Saunas have been in use for more than a decade now, but usually, one can see them in a gym or spa facilities. These standard big-size saunas are unsuitable to be installed in homes. However, nowadays, portable small-size saunas are readily available at much lower prices. 


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It is generally believed that waterfalls invite positive energy into the house. This becomes a big reason why homeowners want to set up a waterfall in their homes. This also gives their main entrance a good look. Moreover, the calming sound of the flowing water helps to decrease stress levels and enhance the mood of the owners. 


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For the ones who love to read, having a personal library is a dream come true. A well-organized library encourages a person to read more, which makes them a better person. Moreover, having a library in the house enhances the overall look of the house, just like a magnificent work of art.

Home Aquariums

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These big-sized aquariums amplify the positive energy in the room. Many homeowners believe that these aquariums absorb all the bad energy, and helps to lower blood pressure and stress levels. According to many cultures, having fish in a house is considered beneficial for having peace and harmony. 

Indoor Stair Slides

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Having an indoor slide at home is a great add-on for the inner child in you. It would keep the children in the family more active and playful from a young age. Homeowners believe that after work, they enjoy the slides that distract their minds from the outside world.

Smart Home

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From voice-activated assistants that adjust lighting and temperature to security systems that monitor and protect the home, these integrated technologies enhance convenience, comfort, and security. They enable homeowners to customize their environments to suit their preferences, creating personalized and intelligent living spaces that adapt to their needs and desires.

Green Roofs

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Roofs covered with grass not only provide an aesthetic look to the house but is also environment-friendly. Having a green roof keeps the indoor temperature cool in the hot summers and purifies the air. These green roofs also attract birds, which is a great way to encourage more birds in cities.


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Skylights are the windows in the roof that provide better ventilation and natural scenery. Seeing the night sky while lying on the bed is beneficial to improve mood or to enhance sleeping patterns. Fortunately, installing skylights is not that costly, but they require regular maintenance, which includes waterproofing.

Fire Pits and Outdoor Kitchens

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Fire pits and outdoor kitchens offer a warm and cozy outdoor environment space. The family members can gather together in the garden for a good Thanksgiving or a Halloween meal. It also improves the overall aesthetic of the house and usually looks good to the guests. For the ones who enjoy cooking, an outdoor kitchen can be a good option as they can cook in a nice ambiance.

Vertical Gardens

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For the ones who do not have good enough space for gardening, vertical gardens become a great alternative. This is a gardening method that uses walls to hang plants vertically. Some homeowners use this method to enhance their homes and to have more vegetation in their homes.

Vertical Wine Cellars

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A good wine itself is a great showcase, but having a good wine cellar amplifies the beauty. For centuries, people have been storing their collection of wines in their houses. However, now storing wines in an old-fashioned horizontal way is outdated. Nowadays, many homeowners set up vertical wine cellars to save space.


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Undoubtedly, having a helipad on the rooftop of the house is a luxury. It is quite evident that not many people can afford this amenity yet but things might change in the next few decades. With the convenience of having helicopter transportation at home, one can easily commute without any traffic.

Climbing Walls

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Many people love rock climbing, but unfortunately, not many of them live around mountains. Therefore, these people can install climbing walls in their houses with some rocks stuck to the wall. This would help them to stay in shape and be physically healthy. The overall cost of setting up a climbing wall is not that high, and one can do it by themselves, too.

Hidden Rooms and Passageways

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The hidden rooms and passageways aren’t just for historical homes. They can offer a great sense of adventure to modern homeowners. Family members get their own space to work or spend their leisure time. They are also a good way to protect oneself from dangers like a thief breaking in!

Transparent Floors

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Glass floors turns a boring house into a stunning one! With natural lighting, easy installation, and low maintenance, glass floors are a great alternative to wooden or marble flooring. Many people believe that these glass floors cannot withstand the pressure, but that is a myth. They are entirely safe and even cost-efficient.


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