The Most Important Handy Tools You Need in Your Home


Even the least handy, least DIY people on the planet have to have a stash of tools somewhere that they can use when times get tough around the house. As someone who is more than happy to call a professional when something needs assembly, repair or fixing so that I never have to bother with things I’m not interested in, I don’t know much about tools. And admittedly, neither does my husband. However, that does not mean we don’t know that there are a few tools we have to have around the house because they are essentially to our daily survival. Thankfully, we don’t use them all regularly, but it is nice to have them in the house from time to time. Perhaps you agree with the tools on this list and perhaps you think that we need to replace a few with other tools, but it seems that these are the most commonly used tools in any home. With that said we recommend all homeowners – new or old – get these tools and put them in a box in the garage right away.


There are going to be times in your life when you need a hammer, and you do not have to be a handy person to use one. You’re going to want to hang a photo or something and need a hammer to get the nail in the wall. There is nothing wrong with this, and even the least experienced handyman can use a hammer the correct way.


They’re probably not really considered tools, but they are something I use so often in my life that I swear by them on a regular basis. Nails go with hammers, so it only makes sense that you would need some of these around the house. After all, you can’t use the hammer without nails and that kind of defeats the purpose of having one in the first place.


An entire set of these is nice to have, because all things require screwdrivers anymore. I’m not kidding. I’ve never used one in my life until I had kids and I have to open things all the time to install batteries. Get a screwdriver and get it now. But get one of each, because all things are not created equal. There are many different types of screwdriver, and while some are more common than others, you will need several of them in different sizes and shapes to get the job done correctly.

Power Drill

This is a handy tool when it comes to hanging things that are a bit larger and more in-depth than just a small photo frame. You should also get one of those kits that have all the little pieces you can put into the drill so that you can change sizes. They’re called drill bits, and they’re completely necessary if you want to use a power drill at any point in time.

Laser Level

This makes hanging things evenly much simpler than you could imagine. It’s going to take the stress of hanging things up right out of your life and make it possible for you to do this without messing up, putting dozens of holes into your wall and making a mess with everything you own. Get one and use it as often as you need. There is no shame in needing a little bit of help when it comes to making things level.

Measuring Tape

Half the time you need something for your home, you’re going to need to measure first. Even if you just want to buy a new curtain or blinds for a window, you need measuring tape so that you can see how large things are. You’re going to want to measure rooms for furniture, cabinets for doors, doors to see what you can and cannot fit into your home; there are so many things you can measure for across the board.


How are you going to do anything without a ladder? You can’t change light bulbs, hang photos, reach the top of the Christmas tree so you can put your star up there or do just about anything else if you do not get a ladder so that you can reach each of these things. Let me recommend you get a small one that transports easily around the house and a larger one for the yard.


You’ll need these for things you can’t even imagine. Get a pair of pliers in a few sizes so that you always have what you need on hand when you’re in the house doing things that need doing. I’ve never had to use them before; but my husband finds a reason to use his pliers all the time around the house. I don’t think he actually needs them most of the time, but he does; and that’s what makes him happy.


This is something you will need if you ever have any issues that require tightening. You never know when a pipe needs to be tightened a bit to stop a leak or something else requires a wrench to keep it from leaking. This is, next to the hammer, probably something you use more than just about anything else around the house, so it makes sense to invest in one that’s made of good quality so that you have it around for years to come.

Allen Wrench

Just about anything you have is made to use an Allen wrench to take it apart. Baby beds, furniture, shelves, book cases; just about all things require an Allen wrench at some point in time. If you get a premade set of them, you’ll always have one the correct size for what you need, which makes it much easier for you to get things done around your house. Let me assure you that nothing in life is as stressful as realizing your babies need to have their crib mattresses lowered only to realize that you can’t find the Allen wrench you used to put the cribs together with; that’s stressful.

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