How To Speed Up Your Cleaning Routine

Time: We all need more of it, but have no idea how to make that happen. Until someone figures out how to add an extra hour – or six – to the clock every day we are stuck trying to figure out how to get 30 hours of life complete in a mere 24. Since your infant can’t bathe herself and your husband can’t figure out how to transport his dirty underpants from the bathroom floor to the laundry room (it’s not brain surgery, but even some brain surgeons have a difficult time with this one) you need to figure out what essential tasks that need doing can be shortened (example: throw away said husband’s dirty underpants until he hasn’t any left to throw on the floor).

Sinks and Faucets

Not only does your husband seem to find it impossible to take his dirty clothes to the laundry room, he cannot wash his hands or brush his teeth without making a complete mess of the sink and countertops. This means you spend ample time cleaning his mess. One way to cut down on the time you spend on this job is to store a microfiber cloth in the bathroom, dampen it and wipe down the sinks and faucet after each use to have them sparkling clean all the time. No more daily scrubbing to remove dried toothpaste from the mirror (how does he even get toothpaste on the mirror, really? I’m dying to know.)

Shower Curtains

Instead of trying to clean the shower curtain by hand to remove mildew and other questionable stuff, unhook it and toss it in the washing machine with a couple of old towels, a cup of white vinegar, detergent and hot water. Remove it immediately and hang it back up to remove wrinkles. Or, as I like to say, simply invest $5 into a plastic curtain liner for the interior of the shower, take it down and replace it every other month. Faster, cleaner and less laundry; take your pick.

The Oven

Martha Stewart you are not; at least, most of you are not. That means you’ve likely had a casserole or other baked meal overflow in the oven and create a pretty nasty mess. Next time dinner runneth over in the oven, sprinkle a generous portion of salt over the spill immediately. It will keep it from burning while dinner cooks and it allows you to simply wipe it off when the oven is cool without any deep cleaning necessary.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Instead of spending time every week making your sinks shine with foul smelling chemical cleaners, pour club soda in the sink and wipe it up. Not only does it remove tough stains and shine up the sink, it does it in half the time, for less than half the cost of chemical cleansers and without the smell of cleaning agents.


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