Make Being A Hostess A Super Easy Job With These Tips And Tricks

Being a hostess can be a difficult job.  You are trying to see to all of your guests and make sure they have everything they need and want while trying to enjoy visiting with them at the same time.  That is nearly impossible to do.

But there is a way that you can be a hostess and enjoy your guests.  Doing this involves a lot of brainstorming and prep work but will leave you virtually free during the party or barbecue to socialize.

What you need to do to make being a hostess a super easy job is to plan for a menu that is self-serve.  Let’s say you are having a barbecue.  Set up all of the food in stations.  When the grilling is complete, place the meat on buns, if required and set them where they can be grabbed one at a time.  Maybe you could do individual bags of potato chips and place side dishes such as baked beans and potato salad in individual little serving dishes that could be grabbed by each guest as they walk by.

Even drinks can be self-serve.  You can do cans of soda, of course but if you want to add a special touch then do glasses of iced tea and lemonade in mason jars with lids.  This gives it a down home flair while allowing you to not have to stand and pour individual drinks.  For desserts, serve brownies, cookies or cupcakes, something that can be served individually without your assistance.  Place them in cupcake holders for guests to pick up on their own.

A lot of these tips are relevant to a barbecue but could be used at other functions such as a baby shower.  Choose individual cupcakes instead of a cake that has to be cut and other tips like that.

The goal is to do your hostess work before the event begins so that you can enjoy your guests.


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