Tips To Help You Have A Clean Home Faster Than Ever

We all want to have a clean home.  But who has time to clean for hours at a time?  Most people don’t when they are trying to balance work, kids and actually having somewhat of a life.  But you can still have a clean home and have it faster than ever with these tips.

Have a place for everything.  One of the best ways to make sure that you have a clean home is to have a designated spot for things.  This will help you to eliminate clutter and keep you from dealing with piles of shoes and backpacks.

Enlist your family’s help.  If four people live in a home, four people should help clean the home.  The same principle applies if there are two people or ten people under a roof.  Everyone can pitch in, age appropriately of course.  The old saying that many hands make light work is very true.  Have everyone help out when it is time to clean and get the work done in half of the time.

Try to beat the clock.  When a family member shared this tip with me, I did not think that it would work but it actually does.  The way you use this tip is to decide what cleaning project you’re going to tackle and give yourself a deadline to have it completed by.  Maybe you decide you are going to clean your master bath and give yourself thirty minutes to complete the task.  Knowing that you are on a schedule and deadline will help you stay motivated and work faster to meet it.

Prioritize your cleaning tasks.  Decide what is most important and what can wait for another day.  Keep in mind what guests see when they walk through your door.  Those are the areas you want to focus on first.

For even more tips on how to have a clean home faster, you may want to read this article on the subject by Good Housekeeping.


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