The Germiest Places You Might Not Clean at Home

Few things feel as accomplished as the sight and smell of a completely clean house when you finish a major overhaul. You’re left feeling as if you’ve conquered dust, grime and germs and protected your home and family from all the unwanted things and parasites that might make their way in on the bottom of shoes, on the dog’s feet and even through those open windows. However, you might actually be surprised to know that the  most germ filled places in your home are places you’re not actually cleaning.

Your Sponge

All right, now that you think about it, it’s gross, isn’t it? You probably use your sponge to clean the counters, to clean dirty dishes, to wipe down tables and high chairs and everything in between. But do you clean the actual sponge? No; rinsing it does not clean it. While you should replace it weekly, you can clean it by microwaving it on high for two minutes, which kills 99 percent of germs and bacteria.

Buttons and Handles

Your door knobs, kitchen handles and knobs and drawer pulls are filled with bacteria. Why? Because you touch them with dirty hands; while you are cooking and cleaning and doing everything in between you’re spreading germs around. It’s time to clean them up and wipe them down when you wipe your countertops and do dishes. This is especially true of door handles; and don’t think you only have to clean interior door handles; exterior handles are filthy, too.


Most people reuse their towels for a day or two before replacing them, but doing this is actually a mess. Your damp towels are dirty breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Don’t reuse your towels. Buy multiples and replace them after each use. Yes, it creates laundry that you have to wash, but towels are simple and besides, no one wants to be covered in germs.

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