Germ-Infested Places You May Not Think to Clean

Nothing feels as good at the end of the day as a glass of wine, a good book/your favorite show on DVR and a little relaxation. Nothing, that it is, except for a spotless, germ-free house that makes you smile as you sit down to relax. You clean your house not only because it’s the clean, sanitary thing to do, but because cleaning it means that you are eliminating germs that are tracked in on the bottom of shoes, from uncooked food while preparing dinner and from whatever it is your kids track in from school and the playground. You clean all of your house’s surfaces, the floors and your clothes, but there are a few germ-infested items you may be forgetting to clean on a regular basis. These things are filled with germs and can make your clean, germ-free matter not one bit.

Credit Cards

These nasty little things are handled by cashiers at every store you go to. They are covered in germs from the fingers of strangers and from credit card machines at stores. They’re almost as gross as money. Every time you touch one you are spreading germs to your hands, to your furniture and to anything else in your home that you touch. Clean them off at the end of the day with a baby wipe or mild cleanser to prevent the spread of germs.

Toothbrush Holders

You wouldn’t put your toothbrush in your mouth if it fell in the toilet by accident, but you’ll put it in your mouth after it’s spent the entire day in the toothbrush holder you’ve had since you moved into your house five years ago? That thing is full of things you don’t even want to know exist. Stick it in the dishwasher every week or so to clean out germs and mildew.

Vacuum Brushes and Attachments

You use your vacuum to clean the nastiest places in your house, but do you think to clean the attachments you use when you vacuum the half-eaten food and mud your kids tracked into your car off the floorboards? No, you probably don’t. This means that every time you use your vacuum attachments in your house or car you are cleaning up dirt and spreading other nasty germs around.


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