Five Ways You Can Turn a Door Into Extra Storage Space


If there is one thing that all homes have, it’s a door or two. Doors are pretty common in houses, and they can be used for so much more than just entering and exiting and keeping things closed off. In fact, you can use your doors for additional storage if you have a lot of stuff and not enough space. Even if you have plenty of space, you can still use your door to create more storage. It doesn’t matter, really, how much space you have at home if you’re in the market for a little bit of storage space in a specific room such as a bathroom or closet to put things that belong there but don’t have a designated space. If you let us help you, we can tell you several ways you can make your doors into double-duty deals that will allow you to store more and see less clutter.

Pantry Space

By hanging wire baskets on the back of your pantry door, you can fill it with pantry items and save some space on your shelves. You can do this without much effort, and you can remove it if you feel that is the next best course of action.


We all know that a shoe rack on the back of a closet door can save some serious space, and that’s what we think will happen when you do this in your own bedroom. It’s a great way to put your shoes somewhere you can see them without taking up shelf space or floor space in the closet.


How about some wire baskets on the back of doors in your kitchen – such as cabinet doors – that have spices in them? It gives you the opportunity to see the spices standing up without losing the space you use most in the cabinets.

Bathroom Supplies

We love those clear plastic over the door shoe bin hangers for bathrooms, too. You can use them to place your hairdryer, flat iron and other bathroom products so that you clear up counter space and what little storage space you might have.

Scarf Storage

Some hanging hooks over the door will allow you to put your scarves on the back of the door. When you can see them, they are much easier to deal with. And when you can hang them where they are easily accessed, you will find that it’s much easier to find the one that you want.

Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images


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